What is this?

Sword of the Bastard Elf is the upcoming Gamebook from Two-Fisted Fantasy, the outfit which brought you Star Bastards. It's currently in production following a successful kickstarter which went nuts and raised 4 times the target. It was originally due out in November 2017 but the size of the project also blew out to more than 4 times the size. it's now due out in august.


What's a gamebook?

A single-player role-playing game where the book acts as the dungeon master. You jump to different paragraphs around the book based on the choices you make and it comes with a game system for resolving encounters and challenges using your stats and equipment like an RPG.


What's Sword of the Bastard Elf about?

You are a half-elf kicked out of home into an uncaring, violent and funny fantasy world. You have to find a place to crash - will you claw your way back into your family home, find your real father, become insanely wealthy and famous or die in a hole some place? It's up to you!


Why would I want this?

If the idea of a universally hated half-elf sleazing his way across a bent fantasy world, burning half the place down, trying to kill, seduce or cheat all the inhabitants doesn't do it for you nothing will, but it also comes complete with a beer and pretzels group RPG system and numerous full-colour illustrations (depending on your print options), a deck of inventory cards with maps on the back for the RPG system and a bestiary with extra RPG scenarios and details on the monsters, people and places in the world of the Bastard Elf.


Sword of the Bastard Elf is probably the longest single gamebook in the English language with 365,000 words spread over 1825 sections. The print version is about 820 pages long. It's designed for replayability - I doubt anyone will ever see everything that's in this book. In other words it's a lot of entertainment for a few bucks.


Check out the Kickstarter Campaign page for many more details and a video if you're still not convinced.


How do I get in on this action?

coming soon to DriveThruRPG... for now stay tuned by keeping an eye on the two-fisted fantasy facebook group.